EVE Mission Counter

Don't know about you but I am kinda forgetful when it comes to remembering how many missions I run for particular faction (any NPC corp agent on the same level) when working towards faction standing and I can never tell how many more I need to run to get a storyline mission. You could look at the agent's standings to inspect all contributing transactions but with time it becomes easy to lose track especially if you are running missions for multiple NPC corps within same faction. 

Using tool is simple. Install, add characters you want to keep track of then every time you hand in your mish click the +1 button to increase selected level count. You can also edit numbers in place if you want to start from a different count (press F2 or double click the number to edit). Next time you launch EVEMC all counts will load up and you can continue clocking up from where you left off. After 16 missions the count will reset. To add new, change or delete an existing character right-click on its name and select relevant command. To switch to skinned mode select the count you will be increasing then click Skin Mode button. Mini counter can be moved around the screen by dragging the count number to desired location. To exit skin mode right-click on the number.

This freeware is provided 'as is' without any direct or implied warranties. In return I appreciate feedback on how you use it and any suggestions of how it could be improved. In the future, depending on the interest, I might consider building online database and adding synchronisation mechanism so counts could be easily shared between computers if you are playing on more than one.

I hope you will find EVE Mission Counter useful as much as I do.




[download=/sites/manicdriver.co.uk/files/EVE Mission Counter.exe]Download EVE Mission Counter[/download]

Latest verion 1.3

for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (Requires .NET 4.0)


Assuming you already have .NET4.0 installed this program requires no installation. Simply save it to the folder you have permissions of creating files in because program will create databases (xml file) for each character, create shortcut onto your desktop or in quick launch menu and run. The "Character 1" will be created by default, any other characters can be added by right-clicking on the Character 1 and selecting New.

EVE must be run in Windowed mode for counter to work, it will not display when game is in full screen mode.

Note: I have received malicious software warning when I downloaded program to Windows 7 PC. That is a false positive and there is nothing to worry about. I guarantee the program does not contain any viruses or trojans and there is nothing susspicious happening in the code. I am more that happy to provide C# source if you prefer to compile program yourself. Read more abour false positives on Symantec website. Due to that you might need to unlock program before you run it. To unlock right click on the EVE Mission Counter.exe and select Properties then on General tab click Unlock button.


How to use

Install (download and save for example in C:\Users\User\EVE Mission Counter) then run. The default character named "Character 1" will be created when you run program for the first time. Right-click on the "Character 1" and rename it. 

To add more or delete characters right-click on character name then select New or Delete.

Select the level of an agent you are running mission for faction agent belongs to by clicking inside grid and after you complete a mission click '+1' button to increase the count.

To use counter in the skin mode select the counter you want to be increasing then click 'Skin mode' button. To exit skin mode right-click anywhere on the counter. To move skin to different position drag it by its border.



If you find any bugs or would like new feature to be added please leave a comment.